Dog Fleas

Dog fleas are tough little critters which not only infect your dog but can also infect your house. This is due primarily to their four-stage lifecycle. Life Cycle Of Dog Fleas It all begins when your dog picks up dog flea eggs. The dog comes into your house and some of these eggs will stay

Flea Bites

Why do fleas bite? The answer is simple. Once the flea reaches adulthood its primary goal is to find blood adult fleas must feed on blood in order to reproduce. Unfortunately, one of their favorite hosts is dogs. Flea eggs generally lie in wait in your yard, hoping for a dog to come by. When

Dog Flea And Tick Treatment

Should you consider a dog flea and tick treatment? If you live in a warm weather state such as Florida, Alabama or Louisiana, fleas and ticks are something to be concerned about year round. If you live in the Midwest or northeast – almost any part of the country that isn’t classified as semi-arid –

Dog Flea Control

Are you concerned about dog flea control? You should be. Flea season is either here or almost here if you live in the Midwest or northeast part of the United States. Or do you live in an area that’s warm or hot year around? In that case, so it is flea season. If you think

Dog Flea Medicine

Dog flea medicine is the latest tool in the battle against dog flea infestations. These flea medicines are easy to apply and generally provide long lasting relief from fleabites and also protect the dog against further infestations. Dog flea medicine comes in a variety of delivery methods. Some dog flea medicines are in pill form, some